Check out our shiny new API and Pusher integration!


Here at, we’re committed to playing well with others. It’s something our mothers taught us when we were very little and we think those childhood lessons apply equally well to your Continuous Integration data. That’s why we’re super excited to be releasing the first version of the API!  Here’s a quick overview of what’s included in this release:

  • Retrieve a list of your Jobs
  • Retrieve a list of Builds for a given Job
  • Retrieve data about a single Build
  • Kick off a new Build for a given Job
  • Stop all Builds for a given Job

Be sure to check out the API docs for more details.  Ok, so what’s this about Pusher channels?

Yeah, we’re integrated with Pusher, a bad ass Websocket messaging service!  That means you can easily build apps that receive notifications every time a build starts, passes or fails. In fact, one of our incredibly brilliant users, Romain Pouclet, developed an OS X application that uses our Pusher integration to display Notification Center alerts.  You can download it from the site here and, since it’s Open Source you can check out the code on Romain’s Github account.

If you end up building something fun, useful or just interesting with the API let us know.  We’ll get it featured and spread the word.  One suggestion we’ve been kicking around: Broken Build Attack Robot.

I have to admit, this whole API thing, it was all my mom’s idea… Thanks mom!

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