We just made testing mobile applications… simple

Here at ship.io, we’re committed to making mobile development a faster, less painful and more agile process.  Over the last few months, as we’ve developed our product in a private beta, we learned about many of the pain points mobile developers face and have worked hard to incorporate their feedback into what we’re building.

When we started, it was obvious that setting up and configuring a build server was painful so, we developed an incredibly streamlined setup process.  We have since received remarkably positive feedback about that part of our product.  Now, we’re taking the same philosophy and applying it to the process of testing mobile applications.

Comprehensive Platform Coverage

While a limited degree of testing support existed in previous versions, we have expanded on this functionality to allow selection from a wide array of platform options.  When configuring a test, it’s literally as easy as checking check boxes to select which SDK’s and which Simulators to test on.  We currently support all SDK’s back to 4.3 and every type of Simulator, including both iPhones and iPads.


Test Reporting

We updated our build screen to include a report on which tests are passing and failing.  On the new build screen you get a simple layout of each test with pass/fail information, the entire log output as well as a video capture of the entire test execution.


Run In Browser (Kickfolio Integration)

Last but not least, through a partnership with our friends at Kickfolio, we are really excited to announce that we’ve added support for running your mobile applications in a web browser, right from ship.io.  Anytime you see “run in browser” in ship.io, it means you can click the link to see and interact with the designated build, without any devices and without spinning up any simulators.  Yeah, it’s kind of magical…

To see an example, of what this is like, check out our Featured Apps page: https://www.ship.io/featured_apps

Since we’ve deeply integrated this functionality right into ship.io, we’re making it available to all of our paid plans at no additional cost.  We hope you enjoy and I really think it’s going to make for a pretty incredible experience!


What’s Next?

We think this is a great step towards simplifying and automating testing for mobile developers but there’s still a lot more to do.  We need to add support for additional testing frameworks for one.  We currently only support UIAutomation and OCUnit, and we know that there are many great frameworks out there that developers are using (and loving) today.  We also know that testing doesn’t stop at Simulators, and we have some really exciting plans in the works to improve our support for other testing tools.  Finally, one of our greatest challenges ahead is how we provide useful, actionable feedback for the great majority of developers that have not implemented automated tests.  All of this, and a lot more, is in the works and coming your way very soon!

Please, if you have any feedback or thoughts, or just want to say hi give us a shout: team@ship.io.

Thank you!

The folks at ship.io.

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